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Botox is fantastic for improving the appearance of:

* Wrinkles & fine lines

* Frown lines between the eyebrows

* Fine lines above the lip

* Crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes

* Heavy forehead furrows

* Skin bands on the neck

* Liquid Nose Job

Lip & Face Filler


LIP FILLERS RESTORE VOLUME AND IMPROVE OVERALL SIZE, SHAPE AND SYMMETRY Voluma is an extra 100$/syringe. (Please come 15 mins before your appointment if you want topical numbing cream)



Micro-Needling involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles. The small wounds cause your body to make more collagen and elastin, which heal your skin and help you look younger



Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the face and ridding of fine vellus hairs (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning uses a sterile surgical scalpel specially designed for the face to gently remove the top layer of dead skin. Dermaplaning is more gentle, yet deeper exfoliating than microdermabrasion.

Ultra Peel


Medical grade chemical peels are an amazing option for individuals who are looking to reverse sun damage or other minor or major imperfections in their skin. These chemical peels allow you to remove dead skin cells and address fine lines, hyperpigmentation and unwanted freckles in a safe and effective way.

Permanent Makeup



Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eye lining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

6 week touch-up and aftercare kit is included

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Eyelash Fullset


Our NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are award-winning, long-lasting, medical-grade additions that have earned the honor of being titled “the healthiest” professional lashes on the market. Each lash is carefully applied one at a time by our certified and highly trained specialists to create completely irresistible eyes. 

Eyelash Fill


Butter Rum Facial


The liquor infused Butter Rum facial includes an upper body scrub and a warm oil massage from our award winning body care line FarmHouse Fresh. Golden brown sugar and premium aged rum combine in this buttery-sweet, butterscotch-scented body scrub that instantly puts you in a good-time mood! Our nourishing facial also includes cleanser, exfoliation, masque, extractions, and moisturizer while under a gentle steam. 

Sweet Tea Facial


Scented like a southern sweet tea with peach, ginger, orchid and white tea – a light herbal treat! The Sweet Tea facial includes an upper body scrub and a warm oil massage from the award winning body care line, FarmHouse Fresh. Our nourishing facial also includes cleanser, exfoliation, corrective masque, extractions, and moisturizer while under a gentle steam. 

Teeth Whitening 60min


-No After Sensitivity.

-Instant Results.

-4-18 Shades Brighter.

-LED Light Activated.

-Chemical FREE treatments

-Extremely safe for gums.

-Only ONE 60 minute treatment required

Teeth and Lash Combo


Save time and money with a eyelash + teeth whitening combo. These services can be done at the same time and will have you feeling like a new person.

60min Massage


Our full-body 60 min massage offers gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation and promote relaxation, using long, smooth strokes to relax the muscles and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Warm Vanilla

Bourbon Massage​


The soft, warm notes of vanilla and freshly distilled Texas bourbon are a luxurious and delicious combo that melts away sore muscles.

Hot Stone Massage


With hot stone massage, warm, smooth river stones act as an extension of the therapist’s hands, being glided gently over the body before being left on specific points to allow heat to penetrate muscles and relieve tension. Not only is the heated massage wonderfully relaxing, it also works to reduce tight muscles so that the therapist is able to work more deeply and relieve more tension. Add Vanilla Bourbon for 5$

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